Pergolas are versatile solutions that work not only for single-family homes as part of terraces or garden spaces, but also for commercial facilities, constituting modern and practical elements for roofing summer gardens in cafes or restaurants. Thanks to the possibility of using side shutters such as screen fabrics or glass sliding panels, pergolas can be used regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Maximum dimensions of single module pergola

range of 0-135°

louver rotation

up to 68 mp/h

wind load

40 lb/sqft

snow load

RAL & Decoral®

wide range of colors and effects


The pergola is available in various sizes and configurations depending on the investor’s needs.

Single free-standing pergola

Single wall mounted pergola

Double free-standing pergola

One row multi-module free-standing pergola

Double wall mounted pergola

Double multi-module wall mounted pergola

Single wall mounted pergola

Double wall mounted pergola


  • construction made of extruded aluminum
  • aesthetic connections of profiles without visible gaps
  • drainage system hidden in the structure
  • roof module with the possibility of rotating the louvers
    in the range of 0-135° degrees
  • unique shape of roof fins
  • louvers equipped with sealing gaskets, which protect
    against rainwater
  • drive hidden in the structure
  • invisible feet
  • LED lightning in various options with dimming
  • the possibility of using side shutters such as screens
    or all-glass sliding doors
  • change of the angle of inclination of the louvers
    in the axis from 0 to 135°
  • resistance to snow loads up to 40 lb/sqft
    (approx. 39 inches of snow cover)
  • resistance to wind loads of up to 68 mp/h
  • wide range of colors from the RAL palette
    and the Decoral® effect
  • free-standing and wall-mounted version, with a special
    console enabling wall insulation
  • Square post profiles with a side dimension of 5 ½“
  • Stiff 3D frame based on rafter profiles 5 1/2”x 10”
  • Stiff roof slats with maximum length up to 16 3/8 ft

Textile zip screen for Pergola System

Our pergolas can be equipped with side and versatile textile sunshades.

SKYVI offers a full line of fabrics that provide not only visual and thermal comfort, but also protect against insects and wind. This provides homeowners the ability to enjoy their lives without the interference of the weather.


  • Innovative ZIP fastener technology
  • Suitable for regions with strong winds (up to wind speed of 90 MPH)
  • Electrical drives
  • Box, end slats and guides made of solid extruded aluminum
  • Smart home integration in option
  • High tech fabrics for various fields of application
  • System that provides a healthy living and work environment

Standard construction colors:

RAL 9006

RAL 7016

RAL 9004ST

RAL 9005

Grau Grunge

Grunge Antico

RAL 9016

Optional colors available upon request (additional cost).
Non-standard colors include the entire RAL palette and
Decoral® effects.


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